✈Travel Hacks

FreakyFlier’s travel hacks, some you may have heard before, some may be old hat and some you may never of thought of. Some of these things I’ve read, some have just came to mind, some are from you, my readers, either way they are tips and trick to help save money when travelling.

If you have a tip you wish to share, please send it through – freakyflier@outlook.com


FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – Scoring The Exit Row For Free (Australian Domestic Flights)
FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – Cruise Ship Drinks Package – Are They Worth It?

FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – Keep Some Cash With Your Passport.

FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – The Quick (and Cheap) Way From Bangkok Airport To Bangkok City.

FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – Excess Baggage.

FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – That Spare Change When Leaving a Country.
FreakyFliers Travel Hacks – Visiting and Touching Famous Shrines – From Reader Brett.
FreakyFliers Travel Hacks – The Shower Cap.

FreakyFliers Travel Hacks – The Smartphone and Aeroplane Mode.


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  1. Linh Luu says:

    Just discovered your page today and have been totally engulfed in the flight reviews. Born and raised in California, I’ve lived in Asia for 8 years and only recently started paying attention to the airlines and aircraft I use on a regular basis. If you’re ever in Hong Kong, feel free to drop me a line.

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