✈Blogs FreakyFlier Likes

Here are some of my favourite blogs and links to the things that sustain me, food, travel and aviation!

Aussieflyer.net – An avaition blog by “A self confessed airline freak from Melbourne”, Aussieflyer travels very frequently by air in all classes of travel!

Adventures All Around“From around the corner to around the globe” Amanda shares some wonderful trips in her backyard hometown of Sydney and across the world in her travel blog.

Backyard Treasures Blog – Heather, a seasoned traveller visits some amazing places and states “The world is our backyard, so lets go find some treasure”

Gourmet Getaways – “Food, Wine, Travel” three of my favourite things!

Judith What Happened Next – A fascinating blog of working in an orphanage in Peru and the travels Judith does while there.

Not Quite Nigella – A fantastic food a travel blog with Lorraine, not only travelling all over the world tasting delectable cuisines, but also sharing some of her own delicious home cooked creations and recipes.

The Airline Reporter – An ‘Av geek blog’ – David lives in Seattle, USA directly under the Boeing factory flight-path and shares some fantastic news and information on the aviation and airline world as well as his own experiences on some of the worlds newest aircraft.

Plane Talking – Author Ben Sandilands delves into the business side of the Australian and international airline and aviation industries.

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