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Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or wish to seek my advice. With 20 years experience in the travel scene, both in Australia and overseas, I have an unbiased, honest, yet positive view on all things travel related as I truly believe in being a true travel advocate!

e: FreakyFlier [at] outlook.com

Please DO NOT contact me for offers of SEO, web page optimisation or how to build a better website. If and when I am ready to look further into these products I shall seek that help. All unsolicited offers shall not only be treated as spam and reported to the relevant authorities as per the Spam Act 2003, but you will also be blacklisted from me ever taking up any such offer from you or your company. Please note this also applies to comments left at the end of a post.

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  1. Linh Luu says:

    Just discovered your page today and have been totally engulfed in the flight reviews. Born and raised in California, I’ve lived in Asia for 8 years and only recently started paying attention to the airlines and aircraft I use on a regular basis. If you’re ever in Hong Kong, feel free to drop me a line.

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