✈About FreakyFlier

Me, about to board a UA CRJ700 from Calgary to Chicago

FreakyFlier. Adventures of a Frequent Flyer

Hi, I’m Matthew, some may say I’m a freak with my passion for commercial aviation and travel. I live in Sydney, Australia and I’ve loved planes and going travelling since I was a youngster. Growing up in Wollongong, just south of Sydney, I would often, without my parents knowledge, catch a train and a bus to Sydney Airport to take pictures of planes. One day,  Mum discovered this, how you ask? She found all the pictures! I’ve spent over 20 years working in the travel industry in all facets from retail and wholesale consulting with airlines and cruise lines in Australia and The USA. With a Diploma in Tourism Management, travel and tourism has been at the forefront of my life, its not just a passion, its a lifestyle.

This blog is not only about the places I travel to, but also how I get there whether it’s by plane, train, bus or boat! I believe in being an advocate for all things travel related. Not only as we should all enjoy the fascinating history, stunning sights and amazing places Australia and the world has to offer, but we should also enjoy the journey as well.

To contact me email freakyflier@outlook.com

Happy Travels,


All of the opinions on FreakyFlier, except comments by readers, are my own and unless otherwise stated, all travel has been paid for by myself.



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